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Our Green Policy 

Strictly Beds and Bunks

Strictly Beds and Bunks as a growing company is eager to protect the planet and lessen its footprint on the environment.

Where possible we re-cycle as much as waste as possible. All our products are packed using re-cycled "B" grade cardboard. We also re-use the cardboard to
package the exterior of our furniture products.

Unfortunately Great Britain "decimated" its domestic stock of trees a long while ago. For this reason most domestic timber has to be imported. Strictly Beds and Bunks only deal in pine and purchases 100% of its timber from sustained "farms" within Brazil.

Strictly Beds and Bunks
Our trees are not cut from forests but from managed "farms" This means for every tree cut down up to ten are planted. This is a business for these suppliers so it is in their interests to ensure the re-planting. A young tree growing can treble the CO2 intake of an older tree.


Strictly Beds and Bunks
Strictly Beds and Bunks also takes an active approach to our environment. We currently sponsor the WORLD LAND TRUST in its activities towards projects throughout the world. 
Click here if you, like us care about our resources and want to help.


Strictly Beds and Bunks

At Strictly Beds and Bunks we like to act rather then talk